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About the product:
  • Premium Cassava Flour 20.00KG-44.00 LBS BOX. Cassava flour is a wheat-free flour made from peeled, dried, and ground cassava root, from the cassava plant, scientifically known as Manihot esculenta.
  • Batch Tested and Verified Gluten Free. Perfect for Gluten free baking and cooking
  • Replace the gluten-free flour, Increase energy, Improve gut health, Easier to digest, Boost metabolism, Regulate diabetes
  • Non GMO 100% natural and No additives.
  • FDA insured



Step 1: 1 cup of flour needs about 1 cup pf water. Step 2: Carefully and slowly pour the flour into boiling water while vigorously mixing to avoid any lumps forming. Step 3: You will note that it rapidly thickens to a stiff consistency. Keep mingling and turning for 3-7 minutes. Step 4: Yummy!!! Serve hot. It can be served with beef, chicken stew, fish or fresh vegetables.

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