Rwanda Farmers Coffee Company (RFCC) is a large-scale coffee roasting and packaging facility producing excellent roasted coffee from the highest quality green beans located in Kigali, Rwanda/East Africa. A one-stop source for wholesale coffee beans, supplying coffee lovers in the region and worldwide.


Gorilla's Coffee in United States

  Our coffee is 100% Rwandan arabica coffee grown on Kigasali mountain by lake Kivu at an altitude of 1,650-1,880 meter (5,413-6,170 ft) above sea level. Rwandan coffee beans have a bright clean flavors prevailing even the best Central American coffee and more balanced than Kenyan coffee. Our coffee has a bold and smooth taste with a pleasant, sweet, dark chocolate and caramel aroma. We pick out by hand only our best beans carefully chosen in consideration of the origin, quality, and flavor after they are thoroughly washed and dried to later be shipped here to us. You can buy in bulk.  


  1. oma/Fragrance: A pleasant, sweet, fruity, dark chocolate, and caramel aroma.
  2. Clean cup: purity, free from measurable faults, and clarity
  3. Flavor: chocolaty, spices, flowery, smooth body citric
  4. Acidity: Carmel, mixed fruit, clean and sweet.
  5. Screen Size: 15+ 
Rwanda Coffee  was introduced to Rwanda by Germans in  early  1900s.  It  has traditionally been the country’s most important export. Rwanda coffee plays a major role in the economy of the country, contributing significantly to foreign exchange earnings and  to the  monetization of the  rural economy.  Most of the  coffee is wet processed often at communal washing stations used by numerous coffee farmers. 

Rwandan coffee has been one  of  the  big  hits in  the world   specialty market in  the   last five  years arisen from  excellent growing conditions for specialty coffee. The increase appeal of Rwanda coffee is confirmed by awards assigned in international competitions like cup of excellence (CoE)  that Rwanda is hosting every year since 2007.