East Africa Imports Inc is an Import Supplier and Distributor of African products in USA. The company was inspired in 2017 from East African refugees resettled in Southern Nevada, USA . They were spending $25 on 2Kg or 4.4 Lbs of Rwandan Cassava flour, a more than 800% the Rwandan market value.

Understanding the challenges of how hard it is to adjust to a New Culture, especially food, A group of people went on to take the challenge and make it their mission to change that but also creating an International Trade market opportunity for Sub-Sahara countries, East African Agri-Business entrepreneurs. Sept 2017, East Africa Imports, Inc was born. now they have access to these products at 40-50% cheaper retail price than before including Consulting in Packaging, Export/Import regulations and Food Safety Standards. 

WHY TAKE THE RISKS: Imagine growing up in North-America eating Pizza at least once a week, the one day, you are forced to exile overseases, thousands miles away where the food is different, the culture is different, and even the taste of the food. You start craving for the food you grew up eating but nowhere. All the sudden, one day a Pepperoni Pizza or Ice Cream appears in front of you, how much would you pay to have that little taste from home? 

OUR MISSIONS: EAST AFRICA IMPORTS, INC mission is to use the United States of America Global platform to build a bridge that will facilitate African entrepreneur to gain access to the North-America global market.


  1. Innovation
  2. Consistency 
  3. Team 
  4. Quality

VISION: Establish ourselves as the East African leading North-America Supply Chain Solution to reinvent the African trade perception on the global market especially in North-America by implementing the excellence mindset and expectation to always produce and deliverer the best final product on the global scale.